In this episode, Branddy speaks to Raelynn Leggio, Corporate Counsel at Forbes. During the episode, they talk about the daily duties of in-house counsel for a media company, the challenges of IP protection and achieving executive buy-in, and how to build an IP protection strategy that will add value to your company.


Topics Discussed:

  • What a day in the life of an in-house counsel looks like, including Raelynn's two key areas of focus: brand licensing and media licensing.
  • How Raelynn has seen the state of IP protection change over the years, from fashion law and tracking down physical shops to media and licensing and tracking infringing activity online.
  • Why one of the biggest challenges today is how to get executives and stakeholders to care about brand protection, and why they should view it as a profit center and saver, and not as a cost center.
  • The importance of collecting and analyzing data in order to develop a brand protection strategy so that you know where to start and what to target.
  • What IP protection will look like in five years for an in-house counsel, especially when it comes to contracts and local licenses being impacted by force majeure incidents like COVID and wars.
  • Advice on how to succeed in IP protection, including understanding your pain points, the need for patience while building a strategy, and why setting expectations is key. 

Resources Mentioned: 

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